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Velbon Cokin Lexar Camera Armor


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The Tripod Innovators

Velbon was established in Kobe, Japan back in 1955. "Vel" comes from the pronunciation of the word "very" in Japanese and "bon" is from the French for "good".

Velbon offers beginner, advanced and professional photographers a wide range of camera support.

UT Compact travel tripods with 6-section legs for the smallest folded length
Ultra Compact tripods with strong leg joints and simple twist lock, ideal for compact cameras
GEO Carbon fibre range with ultra-low weight combined with professional functionality and strength
Sherpa Popular combinations of aluminium tripod and head which are fast, versatile and easy to use
Video With fluid heads for smooth pan and tilt, ideal for both video shooting and birdwatching
CX A range of standard tripods that is economical, flexible and lightweight
EX Entry-level tripods with quick-release shoes
Monopods Monopods from compact to carbon fibre
Panheads Panheads of all kinds for photo and video tripods
Quick Release Adaptor Quick release adaptors
Accessories Quick-release adaptors, umbrella, clamp, boom arm, mag slider, dolly, case and strap

Download the Velbon catalogue for all the models, accessories and specifications (9.8MB PDF)

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